Month: September 2019

Saturday 28/9/19

In a Team 3 complete 3 x 8 minute AMRAPS: 1. 8 Minutes: P1: 6 x 30 m shuttles (2 x 15m) P2: Max Rep Front Squats 70/47kg P3: Rest *Rotate through on completion of shuttle runs. 2. 8 Minutes: P1: 20/16cal Bike P2: Max Rep Back Squats 70/47kg P3: Rest *Rotate through on completion…

Friday 27/9/19

Alternating 3 minute AMRAP’s x 3 each: Ascending by 3 reps at a time -Hang Squat Clean 50/35kg -Box Jump Overs 60/50cm *1 minute rest Ascending by 3 reps at a time -Pullups -Handstand Pushups 1 minute rest *Continue where you left off for each AMRAP

Tuesday 24/9/19

Accessory work 10 DB Shoulder Front Raise + Shoulder Horizontal Shoulder Abduction (slow) 10m DB Scapula Bear Crawl -3 sets *Alternating exercises between partners for 18 minutes: 6 Squat Snatches 60/40kg 9 CTB Pullups 12 Hand Release Pushups to overhead touch

Monday 23/9/19

For time: 30 Alternating DB Ground to Overhead 22.5/15kg 30 Air Squats 24 Alternating DB GTO 27.5/17.5kg 30 Air Squats 18 Alternating DB GTO 30/20kg 30 Air Squats 12 Alternating DB GTO 32.5/22.5kg 30 Air Squats 6 Alternating DB GTO 35/25kg 30 Air Squats 8 Minute Amrap: 30 second LSit 50 Double Unders