Jump and Push

22 Min Time Cap

Box Jump Overs 70/60cm
Hand Release Push Ups
KB Swings 24/16kg

For Time

EMOM x 8

1st Min: 6 Strict Pullups
2nd Min: 6 Strict HSPU

* Over the next 4-5 weeks you will see this EMOM pop up every week or so.
The goal is too improve this skill. These two movements are the foundation too many other movements and when done with control/alignment and the right muscle activation, you will see major benefits in your ability overall.
Please take this time to work on sound technique.
From now on, we have a new rule in place. If you can not complete a strict hspu with 2 ab mats or less, you will be required to go back to a piking HSPU whether that be from the wall or a box, full range of motion needs to be the key point here. As we get stronger the height of the box increases. Kipping Pullups you will be required to complete a strict pull up with no assistance or a red band. We care about the heath of your shoulders and we need muscle surrounding the shoulders and chest etc to develop to be able to control the kipping movement. Please take this opportunity to build a better you, and goal to achieve.