Monday 16/9/19

This next month leads us into the CrossFit Open.

We are going to be focussing on Barbell proficiency especially when dealing with fatigue.

We will also be trying to throw in a lot of the auxiliary exercises seen in the Open; wall ball’s, pullup bar exercises, box jumps and step ups, etc. Here also, we will be trying to work through fatigue.

If you aren’t a CrossFit Open participant, that’s fine!
The exercises this month demand a simple task or standard but are very effective on your output, you will definitely feel this month. Scale as needed.

Benchmark Workout of the Month:

15.1 (0:00-9:00)
AMRAP 9 minutes:
• 15 Toes-to-Bar
• 10 Deadlifts (52/34kg)
• 5 Snatches (52/34kg)

In 6 minutes:
Establish a 1 RM Clean & Jerk.