Tuesday 17/7/18


#1 Alternating partners and both completing same work. In 9 minutes complete as many rounds as possible:
3 Box Jumps 60/50cm
3 DB Front Squats 22.5/15kg
6 Box Jumps
6 DB Front Squats
9 each, etc

#2 Alternating rounds in Partners.
In 7 minutes complete biggest Double Under round as possible:
10 Double Unders
20 Double Unders
30 Double Unders, etc.

*Partner 1 does 10 Double Unders, Partner 2 does 20 Double Unders, etc..
*Every break during your Double Unders you have a 5 Pushup penalty.

#3 Alternating partner attempts.
In 5 minutes combine total weights for a combined score:
-Max DB Clean weight

*Both arms must individually complete the same weight
*This will be run as a ladder