Wednesday 5/6/19

You have 8 minute to practice the Kipping Technique and Push Jerk as a skill only
You may decide to do an ‘every minute’ setup: 10 Kipping Swings on odd minutes and 8 PVC Push Jerks every even minute,
Every odd numbered 30 seconds- 6 Kipping Swings, every even numbered 30 seconds- 6 PVC Push Jerks

*Make a tactical plan, aiming for at least 40 Kipping Swings and 30 Push Jerks
*Only add more weight (bar weight and extra) to your Push Jerk if you feel 100% confident with your technique and position.

15 Minute AMRAP:
30m Single DB Walking Lunge 30/22.5kg
15 Hand Release Pushups
50 Double Unders