Strength, skill and conditioning classes - 60 Mins

Constantly Varied functional movements performed at high intensity.  CrossFit in a nutshell is preparing you for any physical task thrown at you. With a combination of strength and conditioning training, we use compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, presses, pulling, and pushing.  We also run, row, jump, bike use kettlebells, and dumbbells and like to spend time honing in on gymnastic skills and Olympic lifting. We also like to maybe walk on our hands upside down too. CrossFit is truly for anyone as our core belief is a technique first then increases intensity whether that be with load or speed. We have an abundance of scaling and or mortifications for beginners or people with previous injuries options for all movements.

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50+ year old or beginners of any age - 45 Min SessioN

This is a softer approach to our version of our CrossFit programming. Combining strength and conditioning but more importantly keeping our old generation moving, mobile. You know that saying ‘ If you don’t use it, you lose it’ We want our aging members to still be able to have a full range of motion from getting off the floor with comfort to putting something on top of a shelf pain-free. All the while having a laugh and socialising.

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CrossFit kids

3 sessions per week - 30 Mins

Monday Nights 9-12 year olds

Wednesday Nights 6-8 year olds

School Term
* must register your child or children prior to arrival

A goal of CrossFit Kids is to lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. As they leave this program, the hope is that physical activity remains an integral part of their lives, whether as part of a continual journey toward general fitness or in search of optimal performance on the field of sport. A primary mechanism for that is to constantly teach safe and efficient movement. Importantly, everyone’s brain does things a little differently than the next person and everyone experiences life in their own unique way. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us as CrossFit Kids Trainers to utilize as many techniques as possible to affect the most number of children. These classes will solely focus on children’s needs in terms of coordination, agility, endurance, flexibility, and balance- with added games for fun and team bonding.

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This is for the person who wants to get in, sweat and sweat a lot then go. This class is based off long and short intervals, AMRAPS and EMOMS ( the greatest thing that Crossfit Hq came up with)  we sometimes like to throw in a longer challenging workout as well. The movements involved are lower skill, so you don’t have to think too much. Get ready for the spice!


A core focus on heavier leads, lower and higher rep schemes, maximal efforts, using a combination of compound movements such as the squat, deadlift etc as our primary work, but most importantly adding our secondary movements, which targets the smaller muscle groups using different tempos, supersets and other variants to get the most out of the session.

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